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Vehicle marking sign Schwertransport

Reflective vehicle sign "Schwertransport" (heavy load); sticker, magnetic base, screw-on aluminium composite plate or polycarbonate plate with suction cups.
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Text: “Heavy load” (in German) Manufacturer: Reflecto Application: Self-adhesive, magnetic... more
Product information "Vehicle marking sign Schwertransport"
  • Text: “Heavy load” (in German)
  • Manufacturer: Reflecto
  • Application: Self-adhesive, magnetic base, aluminium base
  • Fields of application: Vehicle sign for heavy haulage
  • Dimensions: 800mm x 200mm
  • Colour: Red-white
  • Standards: German standards DIN 67520 and DIN 6171
  • Service life: 7 years
  • Reflectivity class: RA1/A
  • Thickness: 0.110mm

For heavy haulage, not only tractor units need to be strong but also the measures for road safety. Reflective vehicle marking signs indicating such an abnormal load exceed legal requirements and improve visibility even further.

Clear markings made of high-performance reflective film

Our vehicle marking sign “Schwertransport” (which means "ABNORMAL LOAD") is based on a true all-rounder, the high-quality reflective film ORALITE® from Orafol. Its embedded glass beads cast back incident light, whereas the alkyd resin finish protects the film against all weathers, scratches, impacts, corrosion and solvents. Its normal service life is approximately 7 years, if the film is used as intended.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between four designs: one permanent solution (where you can apply the self-adhesive film like a sticker) and three temporary options which allow for more flexibility: the film on a magnetic base or on an aluminium composite plate (to screw on). The most flexible option is the sign on a polycarbonate plate with suction cups. You can remove these temporary signs hassle-free and mount them again to your vehicle.

Product specifications:

  • Width: 800mm
  • Hight: 200mm
  • Thickness of Dibond plate: 3mm
  • Reflectivity class: RA1/A
  • Colour: red-white
Colour: red/white
Film Thickness: 0.13mm
Manufacturer: Reflecto
Adhesive: Permanent
Standards: DIN 6171, DIN 67520
Reflectivity class: RA1/A
Panel Width: 800mm
Field of application: Heavy haulage
Design: Magnetic, on Aluminium Composite Plate, Self-Adhesive, with Suction Cups
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28 Nov 2019


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