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All Accessories for Reflective Products at a Glance

In our shop, you can find a great variety of goods that complete our range of reflective products.

1. Application and removal accessories

2. Floor markings

3. Rotating beacons

4. Reflectors

5. Roadside reflectors

In the following text we present you all types of accessories in a quick overview. For more information, please refer to the respective subcategory or product.

1. Application and Removal Accessories

In order to apply vehicle markings, conspicuity tape or other products made of retroreflective material, professional tools and aids are needed. Our high-quality accessories facilitate the application and the replacing of vehicles signs, markings of all kind and much more. In the following, we present the different types of Application and Removal Accessories in a quick overview:

Surface cleaners:

Before applying self-adhesive vinyl films to an object (e. g. a car), you have to make sure that the substrate is absolutely clean and free from grease. Any dirt can reduce the adhesion of the film to the surface significantly. Therefore, we recommend the use of special surface cleaners like the 3MTM Surface Preparation System. It removes wax, silicone, oil and other residues properly.


Squeegees are useful for the bubble-free and even application of reflective films or car-wrapping films. According to your needs, you can choose between felt and plastic squeegees.

Bonding Products and Primers:

Bonding tape is a double-sided self-adhesive material that helps to attach objects like LDS reflector panels to substrates that are unsuitable for regular self-adhesive tapes. Primers enhance the adhesion on challenging surfaces like concrete or tarmac. They are often used for reflective marking tapes on roads.

Removal accessories:

The 3MTM Scotch-BriteTM 07501 Molding Adhesive and Stripe Removal Disc can be attached to portable tools or slow-speed grinders (MOS < 4000 RPM). It consists of a hard-wearing polymer and removes stickers, self-adhesive vinyl films, decals and tapes effectively and without damaging the surface.

Edge sealing tapes

The transparent edge sealing tape prevents water from entering vinyl films. It also protects the cut edges of reflective films against dirt and the risk of getting peeled off. Although not every reflective tape or film requires edge sealing tape, it is recommended for the 3MTM High Intensity Flexible Prismatic Reflective Sheeting Series 3410 and many other films (Please check the respective datasheet.)

2. Floor markings

In our shop, you can find floor marking for different fields of application. There are

  • tactile floor tapes for the blind and visually impaired
  • social distancing markings in different shapes and designs
  • industrial floor marking tapes in black/yellow for stationary objects or red/white for mobile objects.

3. Rotating Beacons

Our magnetic rotating beacons can be installed and removed very quickly. They use LED lights and meet modern environmentally friendly standards. The amber lamps are used mainly on garbage trucks, agricultural machines or snow-clearing vehicles in order to warn other road users of the slow speed and/or the abnormal dimensions of the vehicle.

4. Reflectors

Our plastic reflectors cast back incident light back to its source. Attached to bikes or bike trailers, school bags or even fence posts, they can enhance security by ensuring visibility. They are available in different colours: orange, red and white.

5. Roadside Reflectors

Roadside reflectors can be applied to substrates that are often not suitable for self-adhesive reflectors, such as tarmac, concrete, stone etc. However, this kind of reflectors can be used on other objects as well. They help to improve the visibility of gate or fence posts, concrete blocks or road barriers.