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What You Need to Know About Reflective Fabrics

Reflective films for textiles come in different designs depending on the way of application: There is material that you can iron on (also called heat transfer film), sew on or stick on to the fabric.

If you are looking for high-visibility tape for protective clothing according to EN ISO 20471, then look no further. In our shop you will find the reflective film you need for fire fighter apparel, safety jackets and hi-vis vests.

How to find the reflective tape you need for your textiles

At a first glance, all reflective materials for fabrics may look the same although they differ in particular features and functions. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of garment the reflective tape is intended for:

If you need the hi-vis tape for firefighter apparel you should opt for the 3MTM ScotchliteTM series 8986/7, 9686/7, 5636/7 or 5696/7. If you need fire-retardant tape without fluorescent colour, the ScotchliteTM 8735 is for you.

Also the reflective tapes differ in care requirements: Some materials may be laundered industrially whereas others are home wash only. The same applies to the use of tumble dryers, tunnel finishers and dry cleaning.

Check list

  • Fire-retardant needed? Yes/No
  • Regular washing at high temperatures needed? Yes/No
  • Industrial washing needed? Yes/No
  • Dry cleaning needed? Yes/No
  • Tumbler needed? Yes/No
  • Tunnel finisher needed? Yes/No


You will find all relevant information in our product descriptions and data sheets. Please read them carefully before ordering any reflective fabrics.