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Orafol ORALITE Vehicle Markings Set 5921M...
• Set content: 2 or 4 marking panels • Reflective film on polycarbonate plate with suction cups • Various sizes • Thickness: 2 mm • Left- & right-hand • High reflectivity (RA2/C) • Red/white The vehicle marking set consists of either two...
From €44.90 *
Reflecto Adhesive Vehicle Markings Set 5921M
Set content: 2 or 4 marking sheets ••• reusable film with microsuction structure ••• various sizes ••• left-handed & right-handed ••• high reflectivity ••• red/white Manufacturer: Reflecto Set content: 2 or 4 adhesive sheets Reflective...
Content 1 Set
From €14.90 *

What You Need to Know About Our Reusable Vehicle Markings

If you do not need to display chevron markings on your vehicle all the time and therefore do not want to use permanent self-adhesive film on your car, our reflective film with slightly adhesive silicone backing is the right choice for you. Installing or removing the sheets takes just some minutes – Please follow the instructions provided in our shop.

Our vehicle safety markings offer excellent reflectivity conforming to the standards TPESC-B (France) and DIN 30710 (Germany) as well as to the UN regulations ECE 104 class F and ECE 70 class 5.

What are the Reusable Vehicle Markings Made Of?

The marking sheets consist of reflective film from Orafol® applied on a silicone-coated PET-film. It comes on a transfer tape so that you can always stick the marking sheets back to the application tape and reuse it again and again.

The bright retroreflectivity of the Orafol® film is due to microprisms, which reflect incident light first between prisms like between tiny mirrors, and then cast back the light to its source. Thus, the reflective material corresponds to reflectivity class RA2 and provide wide-angle reflectivity.

How to Maintain the Adhesive and Reusable Vehicle Markings

For cleaning vehicle markings, please use lukewarm water and common detergent only. Avoid any abrasive or aggressive cleaning agents as well as brushes with hard bristles since they can damage the film surface.

For more information, please refer to the detailed application and care instructions in the respective information sheet of each product.