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Reflective Target Fluorescent Lime
The retroreflective targets are made of the reflective film 3M™ Diamond Grade 4083 fluorescent yellow green , which excels in resistance to wear and tear as well as to weather impacts . Hence the targets are perfectly suitable for the...
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Reflective Target White
The retroreflective targets are made of the reflective film 3M™ Diamond Grade Serie 4090 – a highly-reflective and durable material that is also resistant to weather impacts and UV radiation . Therefore, the targets are ideal for outdoor...
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Retroreflective targets are mainly used for topographical and building surveying. Their design depends on the conditions of the particular application:

  • on textured surfaces: Self-adhesive films adhere to rough surfaces only to a certain degree. For longer adhesion, it is recommended to laminate the reflective film onto a carrier plate. This plate can be screwed or stuck onto the object by means of double-sided mounting tape.
  • over long distances: Measuring works over long distances require larger reflective targets.
  • light-coloured backgrounds: In case of light-coloured surfaces, a fluorescent film in orange or lime is the right choice for you. The target will contrast conspicuously with the object, making it easy for you to see.

Reflective targets are available in different sizes and colours. Also, the crosshairs can vary in design. Additionally, the target films can have different classes of retroreflectivity. If you cannot find the reflective target you were looking for, please contact us. We would be happy to find a solution that meets your requirements.