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Reflective Banner “Freiwillig 30“
• Content: flexible banner with 4 eyelets • Size: 430 x 650 mm • Colour: white (RA1/C or RA2/C) or fluorescent lime (RA2/C) • Field of Application: residential areas The reflective banner “Freiwillig 30” (engl. „voluntarily 30”) suggests...
Content 1 Pc.
From €44.90 *
Reflective Banner “Parken Verboten!”
• Content: flexible banner with 4 eyelets • Size: 800 x 300 mm • Colour of reflective material: white • Reflectivity class: RA1/C and RA2/C The Reflective Banner “Parken Verboten! Widerrechtlich abgestellte Fahrzeuge werden...
Content 1 Pc.
From €38.90 *
Reflective Banner “Vorsicht Schulkinder!“
• Content: flexible banner with 4 eyelets • Size: 1000 x 300 mm • Colour: white (RA1/C or RA2/C) or fluorescent lime (RA2/C) The reflective banner “Vorsicht Schulkinder!“ (engl. Caution schoolchildren! ) suggests road users to be...
Content 1 Pc.
From €48.90 *
Reflective Banner Clearway
Manufacturer: Reflecto Field of application: Clearway (no stopping allowed) Size: 440 x 700mm Colour: red/blue on white Reflectivity classes: RA1/C or RA2/C This reflective banner sign is the perfect solution for indicating clearways ....
Content 1 Pc.
From €49.90 *

What You Need to Know About Reflective Banner Signs

 At the moment we offer two high-quality sign materials: ORALITE® 5937M as well as ORALITE® 5437M from Orafol®. As for reflectivity, you can choose between the classes RA1 (basic reflectivity – ORALITE® 5437M) and RA2 (high reflectivity – ORALITE® 5937). Which class to choose depends on your place of application: RA1 is for well-lit areas like in city centres, RA2 for roads outside built-up areas.

All our banner signs have textile backsides and excel in durability and resistance to weather and UV radiation. The edges are hemmed and a laminate protects the reflective film from outdoor impacts like scratches or rain. Eyelets allow simple and quick attachment or removal.

Please note that the reflective banner material is not air-permeable due to its vinyl finish. As a consequence, strong winds may damage the banner or cause the fence or scaffolding where the banner is attached to, to fall.

Since there are so many sign variants possible, consider our assortment displayed in our shop mere examples of what we do. If you have a particular sign in mind that you would like to have on banner material, please let us know.