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Front Plate for Agricultural Machinery
• Designs: rigid sign on aluminium composite plate or self-adhesive, pre-cut reflective films sheets • Dimensions: 580 x 3290 mm, 580 x 3490 mm • Material: ORALITE ® 5921M, ORALITE ® VC 612 • Reflectivity class: RA2/C Extra-wide...
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Orafol ORALITE VC 612 Reflective Tape for Front...
Roll size: 5m x 20mm (length x width) • reflectivity class: RA2/C • Colour: white/silver • for flat & curved surfaces In Germany, wide agricultural vehicles like harvesters must be equipped with a special front plate showing red and...
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Reflecto Vehicle Marking Sign “Überbreite folgt”
• Content: 1 marker board, different designs available • Size: 1100 x 400 mm • Reflectivity class: RA2/C • Material: ORALITE ® 5910 with protective layer The vehicle sign “Überbreite folgt” (en: wide vehicle or load follows ) warns other...
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Safety Marking Film for Farm and Forestry Vehicles
Sold by the metre ••• roll width 580mm ••• reflectivity class: RA2/C ••• standards: ECE 104 class F, DIN 30710, TPESC-B ••• Material: Orafol ® ORALITE ® 5921M Reflectivity class: RA2/C Directions: left- or right-handed Standards: French...
Content 1 Meter
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Retroreflective Markings for Farm and Forestry Equipment

Harvesting machines and other wide and heavy farm and forestry machines as well as their protruding implements need to be marked with retroreflective installations in form of different warning signs and plates in order to make other road users aware of the abnormal dimensions of the equipment.

For some components, red and white chevron marking is used e.g., on front plates and projecting load marker boards. The reflective film used, complies with DIN 30710 in terms of colour and retroreflectivity. Our rear marking plates comply with ECE 70 class 5.

Depending on the vehicles and the region they are used in, other signs such as “Convoi Excepcionnel” or “Überbreite folgt” need to be part of the safety marking. Conspicuity tape according to ECE 104 as well as round or rectangular reflectors are often required to mark sides, rear or front of the vehicles.

Find more detailed information on safety markings for agricultural machines in our blog post on Agricultural Machines.