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Highly reflective Letters and Numbers for...
If you are passionate about sports, there is no bad weather or darkness that could hinder you from pursuing your goals. However, when you are exercising on public roads or paths in the dark or in foggy weather, your constant companion is...
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Orafol ORALITE Reflective Lettering “POLIZEI”
• Material: ORALITE ® Livery Film VC 110 • Reflectivity class: RA3/C • Sizes: 325 x 67 mm, 590 x 116 mm, 640 x 126 mm, 685 x 130 mm, 734 x 145 mm, 760 x 153 mm, 860 x 170 mm, 1045 x 206 mm • Font: AvantGarde Bold This product includes...
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Reflective letters and numbers RA1/A
If you are a lot on the road with your truck, why not use its surfaces to display your company name or some promotional messages? A lot of people will see it, both on the highway and in the bustling traffic in the city centre. But when...
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Reflective Letters and Numbers RA3/C
• Material: Orafol ® ORALITE ® VC 170 • Height of characters: 3 - 10 cm • Colours: white, yellow, red Customise Your Letters and Numbers Select size, font and colour. Type your text into the empty text field. Chose the number of items...
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Retroreflective letters and numbers RA2/C
Commercial vehicles can show some text and convey messages without having to be completely wrapped. Our Letters and Numbers offer bespoke livery solutions, e. g. company names, phone numbers or slogans. Contrary to normal car wrapping...
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Reflective Lettering on Demand

Our reflective letters and number are available with 4 different reflective materials.

The silver film is the heat transfer film 3M™ Scotchlite™ 5807 and is made for iron-on applications on textiles and fabrics.

The other three materials are self-adhesive materials from Orafol® and are made for the application on smooth and rigid surfaces. ORALITE® 5600E is the reflective sheeting with the lowest reflectitivy which corresponds to RA1/A (made with glass bead technology). 5600E is available in several vivid colours and the material appears in a uniform design.

ORALITE® VC 612 is more reflective than the latter due to its microprismatic structure (RA2/C). The structure of the film is visible in a triangular pattern and the film is available various colours including three neon colours.

ORALITE® VC 170 has the highest reflectivity class (RA3/C) and its structure is visible in a diamond pattern on the film. The material is available in white, yellow and red.

Product Tip: Reflective Lettering “POLIZEI”

Our reflective lettering “POLIZEI” is made of Orafol® ORALITE® VC 110 which is approved for police cars and service vehicles of the public order office. The material has the highest reflectivity class (RA3/C) and complies with specification of UN ECE R 104.

Reflective Lettering Ready to Apply

The letters and numbers are plotted and weeded and covered with an application film. We will always try to accommodate your individual requests. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. We are happy to find a solution.