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What You Need to Know About Reflective Films

Reflectivity in films is due to either glass beads or mirrored microprisms. The structures containing glass beads are called “type A” (loosely scattered beads) and “type B” (fixed beads arrangement). “Type C” comprises microprisms that reflect incident light to and fro between its integrated mirrors, increasing the intensity of its reflectivity.

Besides the structure types, the films’ reflectivity performance is categorised in classes RA1, RA2 and RA3 – with RA3 being the most powerful class.

In sum, RA3/C films provide the greatest brightness in low light conditions.

Different films for different purposes

In our shop, you will find a great variety of reflective sheeting, categorised by their function, special features or field of application. We invite you to discover our reflective:

a) traffic sign sheeting

b) vehicle livery

c) textile films

d) high-gain films

e) marine sheeting

Being not reflective, our f) fluorescent films have a special position in our shop.