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Conspicuity Tape for Emergency Vehicles

Find a range of different products for police vehicles, fire engines and ambulances.

Find a range of different products for police vehicles, fire engines and ambulances. read more »
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Conspicuity Tape for Emergency Vehicles

Find a range of different products for police vehicles, fire engines and ambulances.

Contour Marking on Emergency Vehicles

Although contour marking is only required on heavy good vehicles (category N2 and N3 acc. to ECE 48), it is widely seen on emergency vehicles of other categories too, since they make use of special rights in road traffic and need to be recognised early in every condition.

In Germany, in order for emergency vehicles of other categories than N2, N3 to use contour marking, they require a special permit. These permits are given by the local authorities.

ECE 104 defines the requirements for conspicuity tape regarding retroreflection, width, approval mark, colour and durability. Any deviations from the specifications defined in the regulation require a special approval in order to be used on emergency vehicles.

Conspicuity Tape for Police Cars

In Germany, police vehicles are commonly associated with silver conspicuity tape, especially the so-called “police gaps” – segmented conspicuity tape often seen on police cars as well as on vehicles operated by public order authorities. Nonetheless, the silver tapes are not only restricted to vehicles operated by the police.

The standard police gaps are segmented conspicuity stickers with the following specifications:

  • Silver
  • Retroreflection acc. to ECE 104
  • Segment size 90 x 30 mm
  • gap size 15 mm

However, we offer a larger variety of conspicuity stickers regarding size and shape. All our police gaps are made of silver reflective film that meets retroreflective requirements of ECE 104.

Conspicuity Tape for Rescue Vehicles

We offer different types and colours of conspicuity tape that meet the requirements of ECE 104 or that are made of material that meets the requirements but do not have the e-mark. In addition to the official colours, we offer fluorescent lime which can be used with a special permit.

DIN 14502-3 defines that fire engines that are operated as rescue vehicles need to be equipped with contour marking that meets the specifications of ECE 104. However, there are exceptions that allow deviations such as gaps or fluorescent lime colour.

How to Apply and Clean Conspicuity Tape for Emergency Vehicles

In order to make the application of segmented conspicuity tape more user-friendly, the tape is fitted with application tape. So, you do not have to apply every sticker separately but can affix all stickers in a row.

Thanks to the powerful adhesive, the conspicuity tape is suitable for even and curved surfaces. If adhered to the user guidelines, the stickers and marking tape can be used for several years (about 7-10 years). Please note, that fluorescent films have a shorter service life than other reflective sheeting.

Please make sure the substrate is free from soil, oil and other dirt. You can use a special surface preparation agent for that. In case of trapped air under the film, you can use a needle to prick the bubbles and release the air with a squeegee.

For cleaning conspicuity tape for emergency vehicles, please use lukewarm water and common detergent only. Avoid any abrasive or aggressive cleaning agents as well as brushes with hard bristles since they can damage the film surface. If you want to use a high-pressure cleaner, please adhere to the care guidelines.

Please find all relevant information about application and maintenance in the respective information sheet of each product.