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Chevron sets help to increase road safety by making vehicles more conspicuous – especially at night or in dim light conditions like on foggy or rainy days. In some countries, e. g. Germany, reflective markings are even mandatory when the vehicles serve a special purpose like road clearance or inspection. Therefore, our vehicle marking sets comply with the German standard DIN 30710 and the French TPESC-B.

Perfectly Fitting Chevron Sheets - How Are They Made?

First our staff creates a template for the respective vehicle by taking the measures of all exterior details. Since car bodies vary considerably, the designs of the chevron kits for different makes and models are diverse, too.

As a second step, we cut the individual panels from the reflective sheeting according to the templates. We also add some small slits on the edges in order to provide you a more convenient application of the film over ridges or curved surfaces.

Orafol® Oralite® 5921M – What Is It and What Are Its Features?

The reflective sheeting is the fleet marking film ORALITE® 5921M from Orafol®. It excels in retroreflectivity (classified RA2) due to its microprismatic structure (type C).

Being highly flexible and not requiring edge sealing, the vinyl film is easy to apply. Although the sheeting is only 280 microns thick, it is very durable, weatherproof as well as resistant to corrosion and solvents. Its service life is circa five years (provided the application is carried out professionally).

Please note: Due to production processes, the reflective film shows a thin weld line approx. every 225mm. This is not a manufacturing flaw and the film cannot be provided without these lines.