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Rear Marker Board for Slow Vehicles Sticker
Manufacturer: Reflexallen Size:365 x 365mm Design: triangle, self-adhesive Field of application: rear marker board for slow-moving vehicles Colour: red, fluorescent red This triangular marker panel indicates a slow-moving vehicle and...
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What You Need to Know About Rear Marker Boards Compliant with ECE 69

The triangular rear marker plates for slow-moving vehicles – maximum speed 40 km / 25 miles per hour – conform to UN regulation ECE 69.

We have two versions in our shop:

a) Based on glass bead construction, the first plate design complies with ECE 69.00 as to retroreflectivity performance (RA2). It is available as self-adhesive sticker.

b) The second marker plate contains microprisms and hence provides higher reflectivity (RA3). It conforms to the latest regulation version ECE 69.01 and is available as solid steel sheet panel.