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Orafol ORALITE 5938MFLEX Reflective Banner...
Reflective banner material suitable for outdoor use, e.g. for warning banners or advertising banners Width: 1235 mm Colour: White Reflectivity class: RA2/C You order the banner material by the meter, the maximum roll length is 50 m. If...
Content 1 Meter
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Orafol ORALITE Reflective Banner 5937M Fluorescent
• Roll width: 1235 mm • Reflectivity class: RA2/C • Colour: fluorescent lime • Thickness: 0.8 mm Orafol ® Oralite ® 5937M Prismatic Construction Grade is a soft reflective film bonded to a textile fabric and is used to manufacture...
Content 1 Meter
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Orafol ORALITE Reflective Banner Film 5437M
Reflective film: Orafol ® ORALITE ® 5437M Roll width: 610mm, 1235mm Thickness: 0.320mm Reflectivity class: RA1/C (high conspicuity) Durability: 4 years Colour: white Especially in the second half of the year, messages on banners and...
Content 1 Meter
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Orafol ORALITE Reflective Banner Film 5937M
Reflective film: Orafol ® ORALITE ® 5937M Width: 610mm, 1235mm Thickness: 0.5mm Reflectivity class: RA2/C (high conspicuity) Durability: 5 years Colours available: white, yellow Create your Own Banner with Highly Reflective Banner...
Content 1 Meter
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What You Need to Know About Reflective Banner Material

Would you like to create a banner that attracts everyone’s attention immediately but you are still searching for the right base material? Then look no further – our reflective banner material is everything you need.

At the moment we offer two high-quality films from the German manufacturer Orafol®: ORALITE® 5937M as well as ORALITE® 5437M. Both reflective films have textile backsides and excel in durability and resistance to weather and UV radiation.

Both banner films allow easy processing and printing (screen and digital printing), so only your creativity is your limit.

As for reflectivity, you can choose between the classes RA1 (basic reflectivity – ORALITE® 5437M) and RA2 (high reflectivity – ORALITE® 5937). Which class to choose depends on your place of application: RA1 is for well-lit areas like in city centres, RA2 for roads outside built-up areas.

 If you need to have your banner stand out day and night, the fluorescent colour film (ORALITE® 5937) is for you.

We sell the banner films by the metre and in two roll widths (610mm or 1235mm). Please let us know if you would prefer another width, we can cut the roll according to your needs.

Please note that the reflective film is not air-permeable due to its vinyl finish. As a consequence, strong winds may damage the banner or cause the fence or scaffolding where the banner is attached to, to fall.