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“Angles Morts“ Blind Spot Signs in Several Designs

Vehicles, coming from inside or outside EU, going through urban areas like cities, towns and villages in France and exceeding a GVWR of 3.5 tonnes need to be equipped with blind spot signs. That includes commercial vehicles transporting goods such as trucks and lorries, motor vehicles with trailers or semi-trailers or vehicles transporting passengers such as coaches and buses as well as private vehicles like caravans and motorhomes.

In our shop we do not only have the official “Angles Morts” sign required in France but also variations in different languages: “Toter Winkel”, “Blind Spot” and an international sign in French, English and German.

The signs show either a truck or a bus and are available in different versions: self-adhesive, reusable adhesive, magnetic, aluminium composite, with suction cups.

Find more detailed information on angles morts signs in France in our blog post Blind Spot Signs “Angles Morts“ for France.

Vehicle Marking Signs

Our vehicle marking signs have a conspicuous frame with red/white chevrons and feature reflective film to be easily recognisable to other road users.

They make aware of a special right or purpose the vehicle might have e.g.; constructions site vehicle, service vehicle for road clearance or traffic control, driving school vehicle, etc.

Some signs indicate the abnormal dimensions of the vehicle or the particularity of a trailer/semi-trailer e.g., long or wide vehicles, trailers that might veer off, heavy good vehicles.

We also offer the option to customise marking signs with individual lettering. Depending on the product, the signs are available in different sizes and designs such as self-adhesive, magnetic, adhesive (reusable), with suction cups and on aluminium composite plate.

The signs are manufactured by our professionally trained staff and with high-quality materials and precise production facilities to guarantee consistent quality.