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What You Need to Know About Hazard Tape

Self-adhesive hazard tape – also known as safety tape or hazard warning tape – can be employed on a variety of objects and surfaces. There are different kinds of hazard tape for the various locations of application. If you would like to mark something outdoors, you should use a tape with a higher reflectivity class (e.g. RA2) than indoors (RA1 or nonreflective).

In some countries, the code of practice specifies that mobile objects are marked with red-white tape while stationary hazards are marked with yellow-black tape.


How to Maintain and Apply Hazard Tape

Before applying hazard tape, please make sure the substrate is clean. In order to increase pressure and eliminate air bubbles trapped in the film, you may want to use a squeegee.

For cleaning hazard tapes, please use lukewarm water and common detergent only. Avoid any abrasive or aggressive cleaning agents as well as brushes with hard bristles since they can damage the film surface.

For more information, please refer to the detailed application and care instructions in the respective information sheet of each product.