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Protruding Load Warning Sign
Size: 500 x 500 mm Material: plastic Red and white marking board with 4 round reflectors and 4 metal eyelets (1 cm diameter). Please note: The warning sign does not have type approval according to Italian regulations and can only used as...
Content 1 Pc.
From €7.51 *
Reflecto Abnormal Load Sign
• Content: 1 sign • Sizes: 282 x 282 mm, 423 x 423 mm • Design: self-adhesive, aluminium composite plate • Reflectivity class: RA2/C • Standards: DIN 30710, ECE 104 class F, TPESC-B • Material: Orafol ® ORALITE ® 5921M Reflective marker...
Content 1 Pc.
From €8.90 *
Reflexallen Projecting Load Marker Board
Steel sheet • left- or right-handed pattern • high reflectivity RA2/C • size 423 x 423mm • DIN 30710 • Manufacturer Reflexallen Manufacturer: Reflexallen Field of application: long or wide vehicles Size: 423 x 423 mm Design: galvanised...
Content 1 Pc.
From €14.70 *
Reflexallen Projecting Load Marker Board
Content: 1 or 2 marker boards (1 left-handed, 1 right-handed) Manufacturer: Reflexallen Field of application: long or wide vehicles, vehicles with overhanging load Design: galvanised steel sheet Reflectivity class: RA1/A Colour: red and...
Content 1 Pc.
From €10.86 *
Set Projecting Load Marker Boards
Set content: 2 boards • 1 left-handed, 1 right-handed • sticker or metal plate • size 423 x 282mm • agricultural vehicles as per DIN 11030 • Set contains: 2 marker boards Manufacturer: Reflexallen Field of application: extremity markings...
Content 1 Set
From €9.44 *

What You Need to Know About Projecting Load Markers

Our reflective marker boards make other road users aware of projecting loads of vehicles like camping vehicles, trailers, caravans, boat trailers, and other prolonging extensions. The red and white stripe pattern signalise the hazards arising from the abnormal load.

In our shop you can choose between several variants of the protruding load marker board: self-adhesive, rigid and foldable boards in different sizes and shapes. Also reflectivity values vary from basic (RA1) to high (RA2) so that you will definitely find the right marking panel for your needs.

As for regulatory requirements, we strongly recommend to check your national regulations first. In some countries like Italy, Portugal, Germany and Spain, any protruding load must be marked with a warning board, however only in a few of them (e. g. Germany and Italy) the panel needs to be retroreflective. The legal stipulations concerning the appearance and size of the load markers can vary among countries. In all EU member states, projecting load markers are recommended since they enhance the load’s visibility and hence increase road safety.

How to mount the board correctly: The stripes should point towards the centre of the road.