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3M Confirm Reflectivity Evaluation Set

3MTM Confirm Verifier set with Light VisionTM safety eyewear; for measuring the performance of reflective material (e.g. ScotchliteTM); content: safety glasses with LED lights (pouch and batteries included), reflectivity evaluation card.

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Check Scotchlite TM material for its reflectivity performance ••• easy and quick ••• important... more
Product information "3M Confirm Reflectivity Evaluation Set"

Check ScotchliteTM material for its reflectivity performance ••• easy and quick ••• important for hi-vis wear •••

The 3MTM ConfirmTM Reflectivity Evaluation Set is needed for checking the reflective performance of hi-vis garments like workwear jackets, vests and trousers. Reflective strips for textiles – e. g. ScotchliteTM from 3MTM – lose their reflective performance over time, mainly due to general wear and tear but also with every wash cycle.

The Components of the 3MTM ConfirmTM Reflectivity Evaluation Set

The Reflectivity Evaluation Set comprises a pair of 3MTM LIGHT VISIONTM safety glasses with LED lights and an evaluation card. The glasses come with a protective pouch and batteries. The safety glasses have LED lamps on their frame sides so that you have both hands free to compare the reflective material with the samples of the evaluation card.

The evaluation card shows three samples of ScotchliteTM material and their respective coefficient of retroreflection R’ in cd/(lx x m²)*:

1.) R‘=500,

2.) R‘=130,

3.) R‘=30.

*possible deviation of +/- 10%

How to Evaluate the Reflectivity Performance of Hi-Vis Strips on Workwear

The 3MTM ConfirmTM Reflectivity Evaluation Set makes measuring the retroreflectivity of ScotchliteTM material very easy: Switch on the lights on the glasses and hold both your reflective material and the evaluation card at arm’s length in front of you. Now compare the brightness of the reflected light.

In accordance to EN ISO 20471, used reflective material must provide a reflectivity performance of at least R‘ = 100. That means that the hi-vis garment you want to check needs to reflect the light brighter than the third sample (R‘ = 30) on the evaluation card and at least with the same intensity as the second sample (R‘ = 130).

If your workwear does not reflect the light as brightly as required, the used reflective material should be replaced. That way your safety clothing fulfils the requirements of the standard EN ISO 20471 - High visibility clothing - Test methods and requirements at all times. This is very important especially for professional protective wear, e. g. for firefighters, rescue services, paramedics and other first aid workers as well as road and construction builders.

Also high-visibility clothing for private purposes like vests for car owners need to provide excellent reflectivity. (This kind of protective wear is regulated in DIN EN 1150.)

Your 3MTM ConfirmTM Reflectivity Evaluation Set at a Glance:

  • 3MTM LIGHT VISIONTM LED safety eyewear: polycarbonate lenses with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings; corresponds with DIN EN 166:2001, transparent lenses, grey and black frame
  • two batteries for LED lights: Lithium-CR2032, service life approx. 50h
  • protective microfibre pouch
  • evaluation card
Manufacturer: 3M
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