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Marking of fire engines according to german standard DIN 14502-3


The german standard DIN 14502-3 regulates the requirements for the colouring and special markings of fire service vehicles and which materials are permitted.
In addition, the Infospecial authorisation of the individual federal states   (according to § 70 StvZO) must be observed when marking fire engines. These may contain specifications that deviate from DIN 14502-3.

Warning markings for fire engines

Point 4.1.5 of DIN 14502-3 explains three variants of permissible warning marking colours:

Contour markings for fire engines

Contour markings für fire engines

Contour markings for fire service emergency vehicles must fulfil the requirements of ECE 104.

Contour markings in fluorescent yellow ("fluor-lime") may be used on vehicles with fluor-lime warning markings. Vehicles that do not belong to the scope of ECE 104 can also be fitted with contour markings with different dimensions and shapes (line marking or gap shape, dimensions 90 mm × 30 mm, spacing 15 mm, material specifications as specified in ECE 104, but without labelling).

For technical reasons (lack of space), the contour marking may be reduced to 25 mm.

The regulations of the individual federal states must also be observed here!

Lettering on fire engines

Lettering on a fire truck

Point 4.1.7 of the DIN standard states that the retroreflective lettering "Feuerwehr" (Fire brigade) must be installed to the front and sides of the vehicle.

However, there may be discrepancies due to the different regulations governing the granting of exemptions in the individual federal states:

For example, the exemption authorisation from Baden-Württemberg states under point 5.1: "Lettering may be attached to the front of the vehicle but may not be reflective."

The exemption licence from Saxony-Anhalt also deviates from the DIN: "On the front of the vehicle [...] it is permissible to affix the lettering "Feuerwehr" in fluorescent yellow (retroreflective) or white retroreflective)."
The reflective lettering is therefore not mandatory here and can only be fluorescent.

Contrasting colours

Permissible contrasting colours according to DIN are

RAL9010Pure White RAL9010

RAL1016Sulphur Yellow RAL1016

RAL1026Fluorescent Yellow RAL1026

Fluorescent and/or reflective films can also be used.

Other requirements

For reasons of durability and processing, the film thickness must not be less than 0.1 mm. The following minimum requirements for UV resistance must be met Non-fluorescent films:

5 years fluorescent films:

3 years.

Tip: Orafol product overview (in german) of films that comply with DIN 14502-3.

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