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Reflectors for geocaching - reflective dots in use for night caches

Geocaching is a leisure activity in which a scavenger hunt is solved using GPS. The purpose is to find the hiding places of small containers (the so-called caches) and then to sign the logbook.

In night caching, various geocaching utensils are marked with reflective foil. The reflective dots are applied to so-called night caches, which can be PETlings or drawing pins (so-called fire nails). In this way, the night caches can be found especially at dusk or at night by illuminating them.
The night caches should be marked as such when registering in the listing on geocaching platforms, e.g. with the attributes "flash light" or "at night".

Characteristics and use of the geocaching reflex dots

Different Shopping Cartcoloured reflective dots  |  can be used to mark tracks and intermediate stations that lead the cacher to the hiding place. In addition, the different colours can be chosen as a contrast to the underground and thus be more easily noticed or provide camouflage adapted to the surroundings.
The geocaching points are available with different reflectivity levels, depending on whether a stronger or more inconspicuous reflection is desired.
The larger the reflective surface, the more visible the clues are when illuminated. The reflective stickers are available to fit different objects: reflective dots with a diameter of 10 mm, for example, fit ideally on thumbtacks.
The geocaching dots in silver made of quality material from Orafol® reflect very strongly and evenly.

Geo 1

Geo 2

Geo 3

The reflective foil for the geocaching dots is self-adhesive and suitable for permanent outdoor use. The dots stick reliably to metal, plastic and other solid surfaces. The surface to be covered should be clean and dust-free for optimal adhesion.

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