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A sign (waste warning sign)


When is an A-sign used?

If a waste transport is subject to compulsory labelling according to the german “Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz” (KrWG/AbfG), translated Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act, A plates must be attached to the vehicle.

As a general rule, every vehicle carrying waste must be fitted with two A plates: one at the front and one at the rear, perpendicular to the vehicle axle.


However, there are also some exceptions. Specialist waste management companies" defined by law are free to decide whether to display a waste warning sign. They are exempt from the labelling obligation.

In addition, it depends on the type of waste. Not every transport has to be labelled. If the waste being transported is waste paper, waste glass or excavated earth, the labelling requirement does not apply. The law refers to such goods as "waste not requiring monitoring".

A missing marking during waste transport or a marking during an empty journey is an administrative offence that can be punished with a fine of up to 20,000 Euros (according to § 18 paragraph 1 No. 11 german AbfVerbrG in conjunction with paragraph 3).

The reflective white waste warning sign must have a minimum size of 300 x 400 mm. For the black "A", a letter height of 20 cm and a font thickness of 2 cm is prescribed. The A panel shall be placed at a maximum height of 1.50 metres.

Which A-plate is suitable for which vehicle?

The A sign is available in various designs:


Before purchasing an A-plate, the need should be determined and the appropriate variant selected depending on the vehicle and the area of use.

Self-adhesive or rigid A-plates are suitable for vehicles that only ever perform this one task and are frequently in use. Shopping CartUniversal holders made of robust sheet steel are recommended for rigid signs. 

When the cart is empty, there is no marking. Therefore, the A-plates must be removed, folded or hung up. If the vehicle also drives without waste or fulfils other tasks apart from transporting waste, self-adhesive, magnetic or folding signs are advantageous.

Shopping CartEdge protection ensures a longer service life of the signs.

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