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Blind Spot Signs “Angles Morts” for Motorhomes and Caravans

“Angles morts” literally translates as “dead angle” and refers to the blind spot, the area that is not covered by looking into the side mirrors or through the side windows, that drivers are not able to see. To reduce the risk of blind spot accidents, the French Government published a new legislation which was introduced on 1st January 2021. The French highway code states that all vehicles with an authorised total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes going through build-up areas in France are required to use warning signs to make other road users aware of the potential danger. The law also applies to motorhomes and caravans and the fee for non-compliance usually is around 135 €.

For more detailed information on the topic, read our blog post Blind Spot Signs “Angles Morts“ for France.



Which Blind Spot Sign is the Right One for Motorhomes and Caravans?

Two official versions were published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The 17 x 25 cm signs show either a truck (used for HGVs) or a bus (used for passenger transport vehicles). Since campervans and camping trailers carry passengers, they need to be equipped with the Shopping Cartofficial sign for buses  | .

Please note that there is no official sign with a motorhome symbol, the only two official signs show a truck or a bus. Nevertheless, you will find a slightly altered version of the bus sign in our shop that can be used as a voluntary warning sign on vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

Where and How are the Blind Spot Signs Applied?

Each vehicle is to be equipped with 3 blind spot signs: one on each side and one on the rear. The rear sign is positioned on the right side (French kerbside). The signs on the left and right are positioned within the first metre from the front of the vehicle (excluding windows).


The signs are to be applied at a height between 0.90 m and 1.50 m above the ground. If requirements regarding the position cannot be met exactly due to the structure of the body, the signs must be placed as close as possible to that indication but not higher than 2.1 m above the ground. It is also important that the signs are visible at all times and do not cover any other signs and plates or lights on the vehicle.

The warning signs can be applied as stickers, as rigid signs with screws or by other means of fixation. In our shop we have a range of different versions including: self-adhesive stickers, aluminium plates, reusable adhesive signs, magnetic signs and Impex® plates with suction cups.

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