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Cleaning of Reflective Films

The cleaning of Shopping Cartvehicle warning markings | , Shopping Cartconspicuity tape |  and other Shopping Cartreflective films |  on the vehicle is carried out as follows:

  1. First rinse the surface with clear water (water jet from hose) to wash off coarse impurities.
  2. use a sponge or soft brush with lukewarm water to which a commercial washing-up liquid has been added in the usual concentration to clean the film.
  3. rinse the surface with a jet of water.

Cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner

When cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, please observe the following instructions:

  • Maximum pressure 80 bar
  • Maximum temperature 60°C
  • Use a wide fan jet
  • keep a minimum distance of 1m to the film
  • do not aim the jet at the edges of the film (be careful especially with multi-layer materials if no edge protection film has been used)


General cleaning instructions

  • Do not use any agents or utensils that have an abrasive effect (e.g. scouring agents, nylon brushes).
  • Do not use any agents that are highly acidic or alkaline, no paint thinners.

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