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Contour marking - Marking types

The following applies to all marking types:

  • Distance of the marking from the ground at least 250 mm and at most 1,500 mm
  • Marking of at least 80% of the length and width
  • in the case of interrupted stripes, the distance between the individual parts should be as small as possible and not greater than 50% of the length of the shortest part
  • Distance of the rear marking to the prescribed brake lights at least 200 mm

Types of marking in detail

Full contour marking

Custom Printed Conspicuity TapeOverall vehicle shape on sides and rear


Partial marking

Conspicuity Tape for Curtain SidesMarking of the entire length and width of the vehicle at the bottom and the upper corners (two lines at right angles to each other and at least 250 mm long).


Line marking

No longer sufficient!

Conspicuity Tape for Rigid SidesMarking of the entire vehicle length and width at the bottom - ! meanwhile insufficient, as height is not recognisable

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