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Diamond Grade DG³ reflective film from 3M


The Diamond Grade product line of Info3M™ reflective films   currently offers the highest standard of reflectivity and durability. The high reflective value of the DG³ (Diamond Grade Cubed) is achieved by the full cube technology, in which the individual microprisms used are optimised for efficiency.

Advantages of 3M™ Diamond Grade reflective film:

  • Lower maintenance costs due to longer service life (12 years)
  • Suitable for greater distances and unfavourable traffic sign locations (e.g. overhead signs on the motorway)
  • The light is reflected at a larger angle and more strongly, i.e. larger field of visibility and therefore better perception even in higher seating positions (lorries, SUVs)

Full Cube technology - explanation of the structure of the Diamond Grade DG³ reflective film:


Full Cube technology was introduced by 3M™ in 2006 with the Diamond Grade product line. The individual prismatic elements are initially a tetrahedron (angled reflector) in their basic shape. The outermost corners of the tetrahedron are then removed, as this is where the incident light is lost. The shape is then reduced further until only the most effective part remains.

This component is used for the Diamond Grade film. Hence the name full cube ("entire body"): The entire prismatic body used reflects the light without any loss.

As can be seen in the video, these optimised reflective elements completely fill the film surface, utilising the space without loss. The video presentation from 3M™ shows how these highly efficient microprismatic elements are designed:

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