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ECE Regulation 22 - Safety standard for motorbike helmets

The ECE-R-22 regulates the requirements that motorbike helmets/crash helmets must fulfil in order to be approved for road use. The latest version is ECE 22.06. from 2021.

The requirements include, for example, values for shock absorption at various points on the helmet, durability of the outer shell, load-bearing capacity of the chin strap and the fastener.

This article will focus on the section on reflective elements (ECE 22 point 6.18.2 Reflective parts, p. 16). Reflectors on safety helmets are mandatory in France (stipulated by national law)


Placement of the reflective stickers on the helmet:

Positioning the sticker on each side of the helmet

There must be 4 retro-reflective stickers, one on each side of the crash helmet: front (chin section or forehead), rear, right and left sides.

Composition and requirements of reflective stickers for motorbike helmets:

  • The surface area of each reflective element must be at least 18 cm².

  • Each of these elements must fit either a circle with a diameter of 4 cm or a rectangle with a diameter of 12.50 cm² and a minimum width of 2 cm.

  • The reflective elements should reflect white and have a simple shape.

  • The stickers must be resistant to external influences (e.g. temperature, humidity, etc.) and must not show any signs of cracking or significant deformation.

  • The mechanical performance of the helmet must not be impaired by the adhesive or the retroreflective material.

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