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ECE Approval Marking


The ECE approval mark is an official identification of components on motor vehicles that proves the existence of a type approval. ECE stands for Economic Commission for Europe and refers to the UN Economic Commission for Europe. This means that the E-mark is not only valid in Germany, but in many countries worldwide.


The basis for the ECE approval marking is formed by the UN ECE regulations, with their numbers specifying the area of application. Here are a few examples:


ECE approval mark illustration showing Regulation up to authorising country in the middle an the authorisation number below

  • R 48 Installation of lighting and light-signalling devices on motor vehicles
  • R 70 Rear markings on heavy and long vehicles
  • R 104 Retroreflective markings on heavy and long vehicles

The appearance of the ECE marking is specified: The mark consists of a circle with an "E" in the centre. A subordinate number indicates the country that has issued the approval. In addition, an approval number and the number of the regulation are indicated by the letter "R": You might also be interested in:

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