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Industrial Warning Marking (black-yellow hazard warning tapes)

Black-yellow industrial warning markings - in accordance with InfoDIN 4844   - are recommended for labelling fixed danger points or stationary obstacles in the internal area (e.g. stairs, steps, edges, low-hanging ceilings, ramps).

This is a partially reflective (only yellow reflective) safety marking. The self-adhesive black and yellow warning tape is affixed to the source of danger and is intended to prevent tripping, bumping or falling, for example.

The black and yellow rhombs of the reflective tape should always be applied towards the centre of the object (i.e. from the top centre to the right or left outside, so that together they form an A). Furthermore, there are no regulations for application.



 Industrial Warning Marking Black-Yellow Reflectivity Class RA1 on stairs
 Industrial Warning Marking Black-Yellow Reflectivity Class RA2 example on lifting platforms

Shopping CartIndustrial warning markings  |  are not suitable for use on surfaces subject to heavy traffic, such as floor surfaces that are driven over by equipment or walked on by employees.

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