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Magnetic film signs

Signs in the "magnetic" version are suitable for temporary use and are reusable. The magnetic signs are made from a printed film bonded to a magnetic foil. They can be attached to flat body parts such as the tailgate, doors or bonnet.


Instructions for attaching and cleaning the magnetic signs

When attaching magnetic signs, it should be noted that they do not adhere well to curved and notched surfaces and are not suitable for this purpose.

Newer paintwork is often no longer magnetic or the bodywork is made of aluminium, which is why signs based on magnetic backing film no longer adhere to the vehicle. In this case, self-adhesive signs can be used. These are an ideal alternative if you do not want to permanently stick them to your vehicle.


  • Before placing the magnetic sign, the surface must be absolutely dry, clean and dust-free.
  • Hold the magnetic sign firmly above the selected surface and then lower it; do not slide it (to avoid scratches).
  • Do not attach to decorative mouldings or sharp profile edges.
  • Never apply the magnetic signs to freshly painted or polished surfaces; allow the paint to harden well beforehand.

When applied correctly, the magnetic foil adheres to the vehicle at speeds of up to 200 km/h


  • It is best to clean with water only! Never clean with solvents or liquids containing solvents!
  • If the outside temperature is high, the signs should be cleaned every two days; if the outside temperature is moderate to low, once a week.
  • Magnetic signs must be removed before every wash cycle (manually or in a car wash).


Attention! Application error:

If the magnetic signs remain permanently attached to the vehicle in summer at high temperatures, the magnetic foil can bond with the paintwork at certain points due to condensation. This can result in unwanted residue sticking to the car body when the sign is removed.

If this happens, the residue can be carefully heated with a hot air dryer or hair dryer until it is soft and viscous. Then wrap a squeegee with a cloth and remove the residue very carefully. Nevertheless, this can cause scratches and damage to the paintwork (it is therefore better to remove and clean the magnetic signs regularly as a preventative measure).

Examples for the use of magnetic signs

If the intended use of a vehicle changes or if certain conditions no longer apply, a magnetic sign can be attached quickly and removed again without leaving any residue:

  • 1: For example, a lorry transporting waste must be marked with Shopping CartA signs (waste warning signs)  | . As soon as this vehicle is not transporting waste, the sign must be removed or covered.
  • 2: Shopping CartVehicle warning signs  |  , such as the „Bauleitung“ (site management) sign, can be easily removed from the car for appointments away from construction sites and reattached as required.
  • 3: In France, vehicles weighing 3.5 tonnes or more in urban areas must be fitted with Shopping CartAngles Morts Signs  |  to indicate the blind spot. Magnetic signs for lorries and especially for motorhomes and caravans are suitable for this short-term use.

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