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Pre-cut Chevron Sets for Vehicles with Special Rights

Vehicles making use of special rights according to sec. 35 (6) StVO have to be equipped with the respective safety markings. In order to comply with legal requirements, those safety markings have to meet the specifications of DIN 30710.




Our Shopping Cartpre-cut chevron sets  |  are a very convenient and elegant alternative for marking vehicles as they consist of custom cuts that perfectly fit on the front, rear and sides of your specific vehicle type. You can order the chevrons as complete sets for the entire vehicle or single components only for front, rear and sides.

The chevron sets are custom made for each and every car make and model. For that, we take the exact measures of a car model and design the single components for each part of the set. Our designs take all features of a specific model into consideration including logos, lights, reflectors, handles and fuel caps. The components are then cut with our state-of-the-art flatbed plotters for precise results.

Main Features of our Pre-cut Chevron Sets

  • reflective film complies with DIN 30710 regarding retroreflectivity (class RA2, microprismatic structure) and colours (red and white chevrons, left and right hand)
  • at least 8 standard units for front and rear markings
  • ready-to-use film sheets – no edge sealing required
  • slits in the film allow precise and wrinkle-free application even over ridges and curves

Advantages over roll material:

The pre-cut chevrons save a lot of time as no measuring and cutting need to be carried out in order to customise the reflective material. Also, the custom cuts are easy to apply and require less effort and fumbling than stiff tapes.

Application of the Chevron Sets

Our chevron sets come with a step-by-step manual explaining how to apply the chevrons to your vehicle. The application does not require expert knowledge and can be carried out by non-professionals.

Shopping CartPre-cut chevron sets  |  are a convenient and user-friendly solution for marking vehicles with special rights according to the required standards.

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