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Reflective tapes - possible applications

In rapidly changing light conditions, collisions with objects or people often occur in the dark or in twilight. With the help of Shopping Cartreflective tapes | , this can be avoided and even serious accidents prevented.

Self-adhesive reflective tape is available in various colours, widths and designs. It can be purchased in strips or rolled. Reflective tape serves its purpose of being a retro-reflective marker wherever it can be illuminated by sudden incoming light. This is ensured, for example, by a car headlight in road traffic or by an opening door leading from a brightly lit room into a dark room. Reflective tapes are mostly used to protect people and objects, e.g. on railings or bollards. However, they can also be used to mark the edges of playing fields or tracks in sports when competitions or training sessions last until late in the evening and the surroundings are partly illuminated by spotlights.



Orafol ORALITE Reflective Tape Flexibright VC 612 in red on carpet pillar
3M Reflective Tape 823i in yellow on bollard

But usually Shopping Carttextile reflective tapes |  are attached to school rings, children's backpacks, children's clothing, or prams so that they are immediately recognised in the headlights of vehicles in road traffic at dusk. Reflective tapes also ensure optimal visibility of people or obstacles in fog. For this reason, it is advisable to use reflective tapes as barrier tapes along busy paths and roads, for example. Even driving into a property in the evening or at night can be made easier by using reflective tapes in suitable places. For example, you can mark flower pots or trees that are close to the path. There are also possibilities in the household to mark sources of danger with reflective tape. For example, if you have a cellar compartment without light and regularly bump into the edge of a chest there, you can mark it with reflective tape and the light coming in from outside will make the edges of this obstacle shine.

The use of reflective tape is also an asset on small vehicles. The safety of people using a walker or wheelchair is increased by placing reflective tape on these vehicles. Reflective tape is also recommended for children's vehicles such as tricycles, bicycles and pedal cars. Emergency vehicles that are often parked unlit on hard shoulders can also be additionally secured with self-adhesive reflective strips.

Sticker Set Stripe Mix Metallic for textiles on jacket reflecting by night

special reflective stripes wheel stickers for bycicle rims

reflective tape on textile cyclist

Shopping CartSelf-adhesive reflective tape |  can be easily attached to clothing, backpacks or school satchels. Less flexible reflective tape is also suitable for vehicles, walking aids or furniture, but it is also not completely rigid due to its low thickness. In our shop, we have a large selection of different versions of the useful Shopping Cartmarking strips |  and Shopping Cartreflective stickers |  ready for you.

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