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Rim Stickers


What are rim stickers?

Rim stickers are special reflective stickers for bicycle wheels. They are made of high-quality reflective foils and can be individually attached to any bicycle due to their shape and division.

Bicycle rims equipped with reflective strips ensure more visibility in road traffic in poor visibility conditions, such as rain or twilight. Bicycle trailers, scooters or prams can also be equipped with them.

Application and cleaning of rim stickers:

The rim stickers are placed in a circular pattern on the rim - below the brake strip for rim or block brakes; for disc brakes, however, they can also be placed on the outer edge of the rim.

They are available for different rim sizes, and the desired distance can be selected yourself. When riding in the dark, the rotation of the wheel results in a continuous white reflective circle that is very visible, even with wide spacing.

Guideline value table application distance for orientation in mm, measured from the outer edge of the rim. (Only for disc brakes)

Generally, the reflective strips should only be bonded to a completely dry rim. The rim must first be cleaned of dust, oil and other impurities. Conventional glass cleaners can be used for this purpose.
The rim stickers can be cleaned with a simple soap solution and a cloth. No agents containing abrasives or strong solvents should be used.

Please note that according to the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), the application of rim stickers does not replace the lighting on the bicycle. Reflectors on the spokes and pedals as well as a front and rear light are still mandatory.

Subtle or eye-catching: the choice between our classic designs and the neon edition

The classic edition in black or white - robust and particularly strong adhesion

Rim Stickers Classic

Die Shopping Cartblack and white variants of the rim stickers  |  are particularly appreciated for the fact that they adhere to the rim in a barely visible way during the day and are even more noticeable at night due to their white reflection.

Developed as a vehicle film, the base material of our rim stickers is suitable for the challenges of everyday life on and off the road. Thanks to the robustness and strong adhesion of the material, the reflective properties are maintained over a long period of time. The reflective performance is reliable even in wet conditions.


The neon edition in yellow or orange - an eye-catcher by day too

Rim Stickers Neon

Mit diesen farbigen Shopping Cartcoloured rim stickers Neon  |  , your bike will stand out even during the day. The original foil of our blanks is designed in such a way that its fluorescent properties make it noticeable even during the day and at a long distance. This means that with our rim stickers, the bicycle can be noticed earlier by other road users in all visibility conditions.

The Neon reflective strips develop their full adhesive power only after 4 - 5 days and should only be applied in the temperature range between 10° C and 28° C. When heat is applied (e.g. by a hairdryer), the product can be removed from the rim again. Fluorescent foils are much more conspicuous during the day than other reflective foils, but have a lower durability. Our reflective strips in neon provide their reflective and daylight performance reliably over a period of 3 years.

In addition to our rim stickers, we also offer Shopping Cartreflective stickers  |  in many different shapes and colours for the bicycle frame.

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