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Reflective safety stickers for dustbins and waste containers

Minimise accident risks in public spaces - reflective markings are not only important for large containers, they are also relevant for smaller containers such as household waste bins.


Why are reflective safety stickers for dustbins and waste containers useful?

Waste bins are mainly placed at the roadside the evening before they are emptied and are left overnight. The bins are not easily visible in the dark, at dusk and in bad weather conditions. They can be a potential source of accidents on public roads, cycle paths and footpaths.

When empty bins are blown over by the wind, they also become an obstacle to traffic. The reflective safety stickers with red and white warning markings on the sides increase the visibility of waste bins and are thus more easily recognised by road users.

 overturned residual waste bin on the street with reflecto safety markings in the rain

 large trash can with container warning markings on the roadside in the dark

 Paper bins on the sidewalk with reflecto safety markings at night

 edge of garbage can with hazard tape

The safety risk can be minimised with retro-reflective identification stickers, particularly effective if these are applied on several sides, as sides may also be covered when put on the street. For all-round visibility, the edges of the waste containers and bins can be additionally marked with Shopping Cart Iconindustrial warning markings  | .

Advantages of the safety stickers for waste bins

The reflective markings not only improve the visibility of waste bins (especially in poor visibility and weather conditions), the safety stickers also provide space for information, e.g. on waste separation and disposal, emptying dates or even house numbers, logos of waste disposal service providers, coats of arms of towns or municipalities, background images with the landmarks of a region, QR codes with further information on local waste advice.

On our Info Iconoverview page "safety stickers for waste bins"   you will find sample products and our contact form to request individual design options for the stickers.

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