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Rim Stickers Jagged

Reflective bicycle rim stickers in prong shape, white or black, for better visibility, 14 pcs.
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Content: 1 Pc.

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The reflective rim stickers can easily be placed between the spokes, the shape allows reflection... more
Product information "Rim Stickers Jagged"

The reflective rim stickers can easily be placed between the spokes, the shape allows reflection on both sides of the wheel. The stickers are also suitable for use on the bicycle frame.

Content: 14 stickers
Sticker dimensions: 29,4 mm x 35 mm
Size of the sticker sheet: 160 x 105 mm
Colours: White, Black
Reflectivity class: RA1/A
Reflectivity: slightly reflective
Material: Orafol ORALITE reflective film

Important note:
The rim stickers are not universally suitable and depend on the size and shape of the rims. Flat rims are not suitable!
Before purchasing the rim stickers, please check that the rims are suitable for the application of the stickers.

Product Features Rim Stickers Jagged

  • very flexible: easy bonding even on curved surfaces
  • super thin: hardly lifts from the substrate
  • can be used immediately, as there is no waiting time after bonding
  • for smooth painted and unpainted metal or plastic surfaces
  • hard-wearing thanks to protective laminate and sealed edges
  • removable under heat
  • very robust: weather- and solvent-resistant, UV-resistant

Application Instructions:

Clean the surface where the stickers shall be placed e.g., with a glass cleaner or soapy water and a cloth. It needs to be free from dirt, grease or other contamination that could reduce the adhesion.

The stickers should be applied to a dry surface, the ideal application temperature is 15-25 °C.
Note: Wheel stickers do not replace reflectors on spokes and pedals as well as front and rear lights (acc. to StVO).

Colour: black, white
Reflectivity class: low reflectivity
Field of application: bike rims, bikes and scooters
Edition: Light
Designs: Zacken
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