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Bayern-Paket: Safety Marking for Extra-Wide Self-Propelled Agricultural Machines



What is the Bayern-Paket?

The Bayern-Paket (“Bavaria Package”) is a prerequisite in Bavaria in order to receive special permit according to sec. 29 (3) StVO. The special permit is required for self-propelled agricultural machines (SAM) with a width of 3 - 3.5 m (outer tyre edges) that use public roads.


Bayern-Paket Heckausstattung

Bayern-Paket Konturmarkierung

The safety marking for extra-wide SAM such as combine harvesters, beet harvesters or other harvesting machines as well as forage harvesters consists of the following components:

  1. Shopping CartFront Plate  | :
    • covers the entire width of the vehicle, min. height 580 mm
    • red and white, retroreflective film with chevron pattern (according to DIN 30710) on the front
    • retroreflective film sheets (min. 120 mm width) on the outer edges left and right on the backside
    • some Federal States require an additional 20 mm wide white reflective tape on the upper edge of the sign
    • one marker light on each side
  2. Shopping Cartyellow Conspicuity Tape  |  on the sides (entire vehicle contour)
  3. Shopping Cartred Conspicuity Tape  |  on the rear
  4. Shopping Cartrear Marker Boards  |  red/white, two signs as rigid boards or stickers
  5. three Shopping CartRotating Beacons  |  for the roof, 120 double flashes per minute
  6. Working Light on the left side (driver’s side) illuminating the tyre
  7. Shopping CartConvoi Exceptionnel Sign  |  on the rear

Find an overview of the different safety markings and available options on Safety Markings for Agricultural Machinery at a Glance.

When Do Self-Propelled Machines Need to be Escorted?

Self-propelled machines, additionally to the Bayern-Paket, need to be escorted by a private escort vehicle when driving on public roads. The escort vehicle goes in front of the SAM and warns other road users with the Shopping Cartmarking sign “Überbreite folgt” | .


An escort vehicle is not required in the following situations:

  • at night and at dusk (all roads)
  • in built-up areas
  • on field and forest roads
  • on roads wider than 6 m (excluding motorways and motor roads)
  • on roads with continuous visibility of more than 100 m (excluding motorways and motor roads)
  • on roads with permanent or continuous speed limit of 70 km/h or less, which ensures in-time stopping within the existing visibility range

Please refer to the regulations of the respective Federal States!

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