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ECE 150 – UN-Regulation No. 150 Retro-Reflective Devices (RRD)


The UN-Regulation No. 150 comprises „Uniform provisions concerning the approval of retroreflective devices and markings for power-driven vehicles and their trailers“

The ECE 150 summarizes the following regulations:

  • UN Regulation No. 3 - Retroreflective devices for motor vehicles (reflectors for motor vehicles and their trailers)
  • UN Regulation No. 27 (warning triangles)
  • UN Regulation 69 Rear marking of slow-moving vehicles (InfoECE 69  )
  • UN Regulation 70 Rear marking of heavy and long vehicles (InfoECE 70  )
  • UN Regulation 104 Retroreflective markings on heavy and long vehicles (InfoECE 104  )

The intention is to present the complex requirements of the listed regulations on technical requirements for motor vehicles clearly in a single regulation.

Previously approved markings and equipment remain valid (Shopping Cartrear warning markings  , oversize markings, Shopping Cartcontour markings  , etc.), while newly approved markings will be labelled in accordance with ECE 150 from 15 November 2021.

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