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ECE Regulation 70


ECE Regulation No. 70 issued by United Nations regulates rear marking plates on Shopping Cartheavy and long vehicles |  such as Shopping Carttrucks and trailers | . The regulation lays down the specific requirements of rear markers in order to get the E-homologation mark. This E-homologation mark is issued by the authorities to the manufacturer if all specifications of the regulation have been fulfilled.

Amendment 01 to ECE 70 tightened the regulation in terms of the reflectivity of the used material. Rear markings pursuant to ECE 70.01 use microprismatic reflective films and therefore have a higher reflective class than ECE 70 approved boards (RA3/C).


ECE Regulation No. 70 Amendment 01 is already mandatory in many countries that belong to the ECE system of the United Nations. The regulation defines four classes of vehicles that use either rear markers with a retroreflective and a fluorescent section ("RF") or rear markers that are completely retroreflective ("RR"):


Rear markings of classes 1 and 3 as well as 2 and 4 are interchangeable. Depending on the class, the E-homologation mark will show RR (retroreflective/ retroreflective) or RF (retroreflective/ fluorescent).

For more detailed information on rear marking plates for trucks and trailers read our blog post InfoRear Markings Pursuant to ECE 70  

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