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Vehicle Safety Markings - Application Instructions

How are Vehicle Safety Markings Applied correctly?

This article will explain what is important to keep in mind when applying self-adhesive reflective sheeting to your vehicle and offers an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to apply the sheeting to your car.

Correct Positioning of the Chevrons is Crucial:

The chevrons on the sheeting (alternating stripes tilted in a 45° angle) always have to point down towards to the edge of the vehicle. On the rear of a vehicle e.g., you will find the left side of the vehicle marked with left-hand chevrons and the right side of the vehicle marked with right-hand chevrons.

Please note: the directions of the chevrons as we sell them always refers to the vertical position of the roll i.e. for left-hand horizontal marking you have to choose the right-hand roll and vice versa. (Read more about directions of safety markings as they are available in our shop: InfoDirections of Safety Markings  )


Before applying self-adhesive sheeting, the substrate should be cleaned thoroughly. The surface must be free from grease and dirt. Surface and ambient temperature should be moderate (between 15°C and 30°C) to ensure good adhesion. Use a (felt-)squeegee for professional results. Read more detailed information on preparation in our blog post InfoApplication of Reflective Sheeting  .

Application Instructions for Shopping CartSelf-adhesive Vehicle Safety Markings | :

Follow our step-by-step guide to achieve best results. The PDF is available for download and printing.



Let the safety markings set for a while after application. After application, the adhesive of the reflective film should have at least one hour to bond with vehicle surface before the vehicle is moved. Find instructions on care and cleaning of reflective sheeting in our blog post InfoCleaning of Reflective Sheeting  .

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