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3M Reflective Tape 3930

Self-adhesive reflective tape; RA2/C; available in various widths and colours, as 5m or 10 m roll
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  • 03110162-005-10-010
The 3M 3930 High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) was developed as a reflective film for traffic signs... more
Product information "3M Reflective Tape 3930"

The 3M 3930 High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) was developed as a reflective film for traffic signs and also convinces as a reflective tape in other diverse areas of application.

Widths: 5 mm, 10 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm
Length: 5m or 10 m
Reflectivity class: RA2/C
3M Colours: white (3930), yellow (4091), red (4092), blue (4095), green (4097)

Properties of 3M 3930 reflector tapes

  • Durability up to 10 years
  • Film thickness: 0.35 mm, rigid and not very flexible
  • Bonding should be carried out at a minimum of +18 °C (material and ambient temperature), increased initial adhesion of the adhesive above 25 °C
  • Weather-resistant, hard-wearing and durable
  • permanently self-adhesive
  • Easy to cut with a cutter
  • Edge sealing is recommended

Possible uses of the 3M 3930 reflective tape

The reflective tape is suitable for various applications:

- Reflective target markers for sensor systems, e.g. light barriers (infrared, red light reflex light barriers), measurement technology and CNC controls
- Markings in outdoor areas, e.g. gate entrances, barriers, bollards, posts
- Bonding on bicycles, trailers, pushchairs

Further information on 3M 3930 reflective film can be found in the data sheets.

Important notes:
Please note that there may be a deviation in the reflective tape width of +/- 1 mm due to the production process.
Series 3930 reflective tape is not suitable for use on stainless steel substrates.
The 3M logo is only printed at larger intervals inside the large roll. It is therefore possible that individual reflective tapes do not have a logo. However, you can recognise the authenticity of the film by its surface structure as shown in the photo.

Adhesive: Permanent
Manufacturer: 3M
Colour: blue, green, red, white, yellow
Reflectivity class: RA2/C
Roll Width: 5mm, 10mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm
Field of application: Flat surfaces, Photoelectric sensors, reflective targets
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Deutsch 3M™ Serie 3930 Technische Information English 3M™ Series 3930 Technical... mehr
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